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Seizing the future

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Reaching the options

The options for public consultation have been developed by four groups of healthcare staff from medicine, surgery, women and children’s services and diagnostics and clinical support. They were supported by NHS Foundation Trust governors, senior managers and representatives from partner organisations.

Diagram summarising the process followed to reach the two options

Testing the options

All options needed to meet the following criteria:

Examining benefits to patients and staff

If potential options passed all these ‘hurdles’, their likely benefits to patients and staff were then explored for the level to which they improved:

The options explored by the four groups fell into five main categories or clusters:

Although all services could no longer be duplicated across three sites, a key objective for our clinicians, and for the Trust’s management, was to ensure that all sites are used to their maximum potential.

Cluster 3 was the only one that successfully met the agreed three initial hurdle criteria, and would maximise the use of all sites.

This was then developed by the Trust’s clinicians into the two final options on which the public are being consulted – Options A and B.

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