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Seizing the future

Large text version

Consultation documents

We have produced a public consultation document that sets out in detail our proposals and the ways in which you can respond. In addition, a four page public summary version will be distributed with local free papers, or door to door where these papers are not delivered, from October 23 onwards.

Obtain more copies
If you would like more copies of the public consultation document or have not received the public summary version please call 0800 121 4874.

Audio versions of the consultation documents

The full consultation document and public summary are also available in audio format. You can choose to 'stream' the files directly from this website, or download them to your computer for listening at your leisure.

Streaming files: use these audio players to listen to the sound files online

Public summary

Complete public consultation document

Download links: use the links below to download the files to your computer

Other languages and formats
Both documents are available, on request, in alternative languages and formats including large print, Braille and 'easy read'. Please call 0800 121 4874 for further information.

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